Instant cold or hot packs, hot/cold gel packs, and private labeling provided by Coldstar International.

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Verlam Industries D.B.A. Jack Frost Labs

Verlam Industries developed a new technology, a natural benefit to the world of medicine – cold therapy. Jack Frost Laboratories comes into its own. The E-Z FREEZ Cold Pack enters the market as an instant cold pack. The E-Z FREEZ Refrigerating Pack provides Americans a simple substitute to ice.

Bag Within a Bag Insulation Began

Jack Frost Laboratories begins to insulate their bags, including two new products. The newly created E-Z HEET Instant Hot Pack and E-Z FREEZ Gel + Ice Cryotherapy packs come out to proof the point, people want insulated hot and cold packs at their disposal.

Sam Francis Incorporated as Jack Frost Laboratories

Verlam Industries recedes as Sam Francis incorporates Jack Frost Laboratories. Their new home in Fort Pierce, Florida provides an excellent location to flourish from.

Automated Liquid Bags

Jack Frost Labs acquires a liquid bag filing machine. Efficiency and speed increases greatly. The automated filling process allows for Jack Frost Labs to allocate time and energy towards innovation and higher production capabilities.

First Automated Instant Cold Pack

Jack Frost provided the only automated instant cold and hot packs in the world and soon produced in excess of 10,000,000 packs per year. Sam Francis and Jack Frost set the gold standard for quick performance, affordability, and reliability.

Microwavable Gel Pack Patent

Patented in 1988, this invention by Sam Francis was a great milestone for Jack Frost Labs. Touted as one of the top inventions of the 20th century, the microwavable gel pack provided people with a convenient and safe way to apply heat after only a couple minutes in the widely used microwave.

Insulated Cold Pack Patent

Thanks to Sam Francis invention of the insulated instant pack that would stay cold longer than any other instant cold pack on the market, the only instant cold pack that could be used for snake bite victims. This revolutionized the instant cold pack industry thanks to an approved patent in 1991.

USA and Canada

The chemical thermal pack, and process of making it were patented in Canada to keep Jack Frost Labs competitive for a prosperous future. These products had now become universal. They were being used by the military, hospitals, clinics, MD offices, ambulances, schools, industrial plants, police officers, sports arenas, boy scouts, girl scouts, moms and dads etc. They were being distributed in great volumes internationally. The products had even made their way to the silver screen being viewed by millions of moviegoers.

Coldstar Built

In 2001 construction began on the Coldstar world headquarters in Piney Flats, Tennessee. The Northeast Tennessee region provides a great logistical location. Coldstar International sits at the crossroads of the I-81 corridor and I-26, with the I-40 and I-75 junction less than an hour away. This gives Coldstar the advantageous position of being less than one day’s drive from 75% of the U.S. population.

Coldstar Began Shipping

Coldstar begins shipping product in 2003. The facility has continued to produce innovative and high quality cold and hot therapy products.