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In the mid 1980’s Sam discovered the need, pioneered and patented the microwavable hot gel packs and cold gel packs, one of the greatest inventions of its time. This set a world standard revolutionizing the hot and cold gel pack industry. Sam Francis also invented an instant ice pack that would stay cold longer than any other instant cold pack on the market, the only instant cold pack or ice pack that could be used for snake bite victims. This revolutionized the instant cold pack and ice pack industry. Another standard was set.


Background and History of Coldstar International - manufacturers of  Ice Packs,  Cold Packs,  Heating Pads   and  Heat Packs!

In 1963, Verlam Industries developed a new technology, a natural benefit to the world of medicine—cold therapy. Sam Francis purchased the assets of Verlam Industries in 1977.


In 1978 Sam Francis invented the first reusable instant cold pack and ice packs “pennies per application”.

In the early 1980’s Sam began to automate production of hot and cold therapy products.  They became the only automated instant cold pack, ice pack heating pad and hot pack company in the world and soon produced in excess of 10,000,000 packs per year.

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In the 1990’s Sam Francis patented the automation of the insulated one-side instant cold pack/microwavable gel pack. Another industry first.


These products had now become universal. They were being used by the military, hospitals, clinics, MD offices, ambulances, schools, industrial plants, police officers, sports arenas, boy scouts, girl scouts, moms and dads etc. They were being distributed in great volumes internationally. The products had even made their way to the silver screen being viewed by millions of moviegoers.


Sam Francis and his family then moved to Northeast Tennessee and built a state of the art production facility. Coldstar, the name of his new company, emerged in January 2003.


Sam Francis, Coldstar, a pioneer in the industry, continues with his revolutionary ideas for hot and cold therapy. Justin Francis, Vice President, his son, the next generation works hand in hand with his father in the spirit of the company’s innovative ideas and technologies.

Coldstar is the name of quality and innovation for today and tomorrow!

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