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Why ice pack/cold pack and heating pad/heat pack Insulation?

Comfortable, Long-Lasting Cold Packs and Ice Packs

The one-side insulated instant cold pack and ice packs, originally patented and modernized by Coldstar, is made to provide longer lasting cold therapy and provide a higher performance of cold therapy. Focusing cold to the desired area of injury by insulating one side of the instant cold pack, Coldstar revolutionized the way injuries are treated. The graph below illustrates the long-lasting power of Coldstar's one-side insulated instant cold packs (available in standard and junior sizes).

Comfortable, Long-Lasting Heating Pads and Heat Packs

Coldstar also provides an alternative to the standard instant heating pad and heat pack. Using the patented one-side insulation construction, Coldstar's one-side insulated instant heat packs provide longer lasting therapy with higher performance than other instant heat packs. Heat will be directed into desired area rather than into your hand thanks to the patented one-side insulation. Coldstar one-side insulated heat packs are available in the standard size.
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