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COLDSTAR ICE is the culmination of over 30 years of research into the development of a high performance ice substitute used to replace ice/dry ice for the safe transportation of your product. USES - ColdStar Transport Gel is used in many applications including but not limited to transportation of vaccines - serums - pathology samples - environmental testing - medical supplies - flowers - meats - seafood and other perishable foods. It is used by a wide variety of industries including pharmacies - medical facilities - animal hospitals - bakeries - restaurants - mail order services - and much more!

1712 - 12oz Transport Hard Freeze Gel Pack - 6x6 - Single

SKU: 1712
  • 6" x 6"

    • Designed for long term transport time. 
    • High performance Ice Replacement Used in any application to transport any item. 
    • Reusable Non-Toxic 
    • FDA Approved Non - Smear Washable Surface 
    • Reusable 
    • Pin hole free laminated film 
    • Stays Frozen Longer! 
    • Unique 4-ply construction 
    • Stronger/Tougher!
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